Monday, April 18, 2011

Family Reading Night at Lincoln School

Tonight was Family Reading Night at Alaric's School. Very Simple. Commit to reading with your child for an hour! I LOVED the idea and loved the night even more.
You brought your own blanket and sat in the gym with your family and made yourself comfy with books!

They broke up the hour by having the current Chief Illiniwek ( A monticello grad) come and talk about being the Chief, tell a few stories, and also tell the kids to stay in school. He was really great!

He told a few Native American stories and asked for volunteers. Alaric RAN to the front to act out the story he told!

We Love the Chief!

Our neighbors, Alyssa and Lori came too!

Amara also loved the night but did not want her picture taken.

Brian was awesome with is reading! Alyssa had to get in on it and other kids watched him read with enthusiasm from their own family blankets.

We also had snack and the kids did a game in the cafeteria. it was really great! We love Lincoln School!

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