Sunday, April 10, 2011

God Bless You, Jack Rollins!

Today our nephew, Jack Rollins Bechtel, was baptized at our church, McKinley Presbyterian! His parents, Godparents, and sissy all were up front with our pastors for the baptism Pastor Keith blesses the water
Pastor Heidi baptizes Jack. He did amazing! A little shocked for a second by the water but ended up really liking it!
Pastor Heidi, with the help of Big Sissy Veronica show off Jack to all the McKinley kids in the first row as they meet the newest member of McKinley!
Cousins and Best Friends- can't wait until Jack is ready to rough house with this group!
The Bechtels
The God Family...The Bechtels and Slys
Mom made Jack a beautiful blanket for his baptism. What you can't see is the amazing detail she put into it. She designed the blanket 5 years ago for Alaric's baptism to include the most beautiful stitch all along the edges that looks like little children holding hands. McKinley has always has a symbol of children holding hands representing the McKinley kids so it was fitting for her to incorporate it into the blanket. She made one for Veronica, and Amara and now Jack. It's so cool. What I love even more is as the kids saw the pictures today, I was able to show them their blankets from their keepsake boxes and actually show them what their Grammy had made for them! SO special!
Mara had a bit of quiet time in the pew
Back to Jennifer's parents' house for lunch and cake and gifts. Of course, Mom again outdid herself with the cake and the beautiful McKinley cross
Look at these awesome t-shirts! GodFather and Godchild!
We got Jack a personalized blanket from
Nothing sweeter than witnessing secrets being told
and special moments in private in the window seat!
What a wonderful day and an incredible celebration of love for this sweet little boy! Congratulations, Jack! We love you so much!

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