Monday, December 16, 2013

Wonderful Winter Weekend!

I LOVE the Christmas season and I love it even more when I get to see it through the eyes of my kids!  Friday kicked off an intense winter weekend that was AWESOME!  I got to volunteer in Mara's room all afternoon as they did gingerbread themed activities!

Look how proud she is!
I was at the gingerbread cookie station!
She was able to make a gingerbread house, paint a picture, make a gingerbread ornament, and also make a gingerbread ( as seen here)
Then, we baked the cookies and had them for snack- yum!
Brian and I endured the snowstorm Friday night to take in a date night and holiday party for Brian's work.  Saturday morning I stayed in to clean and Brian and the kids joined all the other kids and many parents in the neighborhood for the building of snowmen and the creation of a 5 foot snowramp that launched children onto the slippery basketball court- brilliant!
We headed onto campus for the Chemistry Department's Chemistry Christmas Demonstration.  We loved seeing college students playing in the snow too.
While its hard to see, these students made a scene of two on the left doing doggie, a bed in the middle with beer on each bedside, and a larger snowman on the right with a very massive penis.  The kids thought it was funny- so did Brian and I.
Bubba and sissy did experiments in the hall while we waited to go in
We were able to get seats in the second row.  Amazing!  We saw about 20 experiments but the brightest and loudest were our favorites, of course!

Saturday night I went on The Moms Group Holiday House Walk!  We went to 5 houses all together, mine being one of them.  I didn't very many pictures of homes, only a few at a photobooth but...I had a blast and was out until 2AM!
This is the ugly holiday sweater crew!
Then Sunday we went to the hills for sledding, instead of church and had an incredible time!  Only problem with finding a hill that is steep and INCREDIBLE to go down...its hard to go up!
Then this morning....Mara and were TWINS for school!  LOVE this girl so much!

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