Sunday, December 1, 2013

Its December 1st!!!!

Today is one of the biggest days of the Advent season....the first day.  I'm not sure who is more excited.  Me or the kids.  For me its all about the anticipation.  I love laboring and preparing all the details of Advent because I so greatly anticipate their reactions.  Their excitement.  Their energy.  Their pure joy.  It fuels me this time of year.

This morning was so sad saying goodbye to Gus and I was very worried the kids wouldn't be the same for awhile.  They did great however.  They were ready for something happy- not sad.  So we let the fun begin.

Before Thanksgiving break, my friend took the kids for 2 hours so I could get everything set and ready to go for this day.  I wanted everything in its place so when we got home from Thanksgiving, everything would be ready.  The star of the show is always the calendar.  Today they picked from #1 and read "go where bubba spends most of his time"....LEGOS!
 #2 says "Mara takes these long and luxurious"- THE BATHTUB!
 Clue #3 said "you keep your board games where?"  BEHIND THE BAR!
 THE TREES!!!! They found their trees!
 The kids know the season can't start without their trees!  They enjoyed setting them up.  Especially this year since Bubba has a room all to himself!
 Mara loves her tree in her room!
 We do the elf differently than others.  Ours doesn't magically appear.  Instead we read the story and get to interest with "magic" and then that night his magical powers begin and he changes positions every night in our house.  On December 25th, the powers are gone and we can touch him.  So today- we read the story and got to play with him.
 Brian got his own countdown to christmas.  Each day he gets something to do together with me or a compliment.  Its just a simple way for him to know how much I love and respect him.
 I have tons of Christmas books- like over a hundred.  Each year the kids get 24 books wrapped up and put in a basket just for them to discover, one book at a time.  While there are usually a couple of books that are new ( picked up at garage sales along the way), most are the same ones each year.  The kids love opening something each day and rediscovering a book their haven't read in a year.

 Let the fun begin this holiday season- FULTONS ARE READY!

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