Thursday, December 5, 2013

We Are Monticello!

Tonight was the night we've been waiting for....the WILL-TV special, We Are Monticello!  Brian did two stories and I did one.  One was on our neighborhood so we all gathered together to watch it.  I LOVE NEIGHBORHOOD POTLUCKS!!!!
 Before the show started, we headed outside to have our own private viewing of our lights display!
 The adults stood in the street and chatted and watched
 and the kids ran in the yard around all the lights!
 Then we surprised D with his birthday gift and thankyou for doing the most amazing light display- we all unzipped our coats to show him tshirts Staci had made for him!
 We all had them- all 24 of us!
 Love it!
 Then we snuggled in for the night in front of the TV in two rooms and watched the documentary about Monticello
 here was the kid friendly room.  The other was upstairs in the family room!
 Brian's story on Allerton was one of the first.  The kids did a great job listening and paying attention during the show
 Here we are making our pledge to WILL-TV
You can watch the entire show here  Brian's story on Allerton is  at 11:05.  Brian's story on Lily is at 45:30. Our story on our neighborhood is at 51:05

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