Saturday, December 7, 2013

Lunch With Santa on the Train

Its one of my all time favorite Christmas traditions and I feel forever blessed that this experience is in our town- Lunch with Santa on the Train!  We went straight from the parade over to the Depot.  

We love ( rather I love) taking pics with the kids, reading books while we wait for Santa, eating our lunch, and spending time with each the big guy!

 Santa came and sat right down with Bubba and they chatted like they'd known each other for years.
 Mara, on the other hand, looked like this most of the time.
 But Santa kept working with her and slowly she warmed up.  She never left Daddy's lap but she picked her head up.
 she listened, and she even talked some.  
 and when Santa asked for a picture, she smiles- WOOHOO!!!
 It was a great time to be serious and silly and I love these genuine smiles and laughs!

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