Friday, December 6, 2013

Polar Express

On very short notice my neighbor gave us three tickets to tonight's Polar Express train ride.  We'd never done it before because it is very expensive so when the opportunity came, I jumped at it.  I wanted to surprise the kids.  I asked them to put on jammies and grab a stuffed animal and join me.  Then I handed each of them a silver bell.
 We talked about how it sounds and that hearing it means you believe in Santa
 Then I took out their tickets to Polar Express!!!
 The kids were so excited!

 We literally put on our coats and left right then!
 So excited for the trainride to begin!
 This sweet boy was so worried he would lose his bell, like in the book, that he kept his hand in his pocket much of the trip!
 The conductor came and took tickets
 dancers danced around us...and we got to meet Santa claus!
 Happy kids!!!

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