Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Perfect Tree

After the parade we needed to go find the perfect tree.  After going to our regular place to try to cut one down, we were really disappointed with the supply.  We didn't want to buy a pre cut tree so we headed into the country and literally stumbled upon a tree farm.  Here was the problem...the first place had all little trees left.  A few big big ones however gave you perspective.  The second place we went was more like a forest.  All the trees were HUGE.  So, when we found one we thought was just right- we jumped at it and started cutting

 We removed the top of the tree before we even tried to tip it upright but filled the room.  Smooshed the blinds and filled the entire space that we dedicated for much more than the tree.  This should be an interesting trimming session tomorrow!  Wish us luck!

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