Saturday, December 7, 2013

Monticello Christmas Parade

Parades in small towns are THE BEST!  Monticello has great parades and this Christmas parade, both of the kids got to be in it.  SO- I stood on the square myself and collected a few pieces of candy to share and waited to see my family!

I love the looks on the kids faces who ride the floats and throw candy and wave- sweet Pyatt boys!

 Cool tractors!
 Here comes the Karate Kids!  Alaric was dressed head to toe in  black to be ninja-like
 Where else can you see a santa horse?
 Mara and Daddy rode the Monticello Area Education Foundation float
 Waving and throwing candy...and staying warm
 Brian worked the crowds and kept his eye on Mara to be sure she didn't fall from the float.
 Even though I didn't have any children with me, when I saw this guy I still yelled, "SANTA!!!!!"

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