Sunday, March 10, 2013

Brian's Birthday

Today Brian turned 36 years old.  As always, he got breakfast in bed and homemade cards!

As you know, we make our gifts- we don't buy. 
If you ever ask Brian what he wants, he'll tell you "a million dollars".  So, when the kids and I were talking about what to make Daddy, they both said we needed to give him a million dollars...and the idea of his very own million dollar bill was born!  The kids did the writing and coloring and we thought Brian's picture should be on it.  Its a masterpiece!  Brian has it now on the wall in his office ( and he gets lots of compliments too!)
 A few years ago, we made all the grandparents paintings the kids had made.  We framed them and everything.  They turned out gorgeous and ever since, Brian has said how much he loved them.  SO....we made him his own.  Another thing for his office!

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