Friday, March 22, 2013

A Visit to Aunt Jenny's

Spring Break meant we could drive up to St. Charles and spend a day with Aunt Jenny and most importantly MEET BABY OWEN!!!!  We had been waiting for months and it was well worth the wait.  Both kids were so very excited to spend time with him!  Look at these sweeties!

 They also loved getting to be with Michael too!  And nothing is more fun than a huge tub with 3 kids covered in bubbles!

 When the kids went to sleep, it was perfect for the mommies too.  We sat in the playroom and drank wine all night and watched Owen on the baby monitor- perfect night with my best friend!
 Owen wore a jammies that were first Alaric's and then Amara's and then Michael's!  So sweet!
 Bonus...we got to be there for Owen's first taste of veggies!  Not a huge fan but he tried!

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