Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Alaric's Birthday

Man, I LOOOOOVVVVVVVEEEEEE Birthdays around here!  Breakfast in bed ( Alaric got to pick exactly what he wanted including a homemade muffin with lots of butter, extra crispy bacon, apples, and chocolate milk)
 The kids usually just get something small from us.  This year, Alaric kinda got lots...a new, black Gi, a karate minifigure, and a very special book!
 We discovered that Dr. Suess, in 1938, published a book called The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins.  In it, one of the characters names is Sir ALARIC!  We HAD to buy this for him so he could have forever.  The story is really great too!
 Each year we measure to see how we've grown!
 And....much anticipated, we go someplace!  Brian takes the day off and we head off to a mystery location.  The place is always something the birthday kid will love and allows us the opportunity to be together and make memories instead of just having a toy or a something that isn't as special.  Today, we drove to Rantoul to take in Chanute Airforce Base!  OH MY GOSH!  This place was incredible!  You have GOT to take your family!  WOW! Each room was better and each place we went gave us incredible stories and people and cool stuff to look at!  Look at these little soldiers!
 We were the only ones in the museum for awhile and when the volunteers heard it was a little boy's birthday, we got some star treatment, including getting to sit in a simulator!

 Then this older man, who was obviously a volunteer, and obviously a veteran joined us and he took us on a behind the scenes tour-amazing!  He took is walker and literally rolled over the ropes and allowed us to go INTO planes and see things no one else gets to see!

 Anyone can walk outside and look at the dozens and dozens of planes.  But they only let you go IN a plane on a weekend when they have a volunteer who is stationed out there.  Our guy took us right out and right up into a fighter plane!  What an honor!

 We then headed to a Mexican restaurant in Rantoul so Alaric could drown himself in chips and cheese!
 Mara took in a MASSIVE quesadilla!
 The fun didn't stop there- we then headed to Skateland for some skating and Lazer Tag fun ( it was also a fundraiser for my sorority and Breast Cancer Awareness and Education so it was really great).  Alaric was so excited to head in for Lazer tag!
 The rest of us were too ( Mara, not so much at first but she did warm up!)
 And Alaric, very fitting on his 7th birthday, decided to grow up right before our eyes.  This boy, who used to be so scared to skate, was willing to try it.  With the help of a walker
 Then all by himself!  We were so very proud ( look at his determination!)
had to share this video of Amara too!
What an incredible day with our incredible little boy!  What a joy it is to enjoy time together and to be together on special days like today!

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