Saturday, March 23, 2013

Alaric's 7th Birthday Party-Karate Ninja!

Today was the day Alaric had been waiting for- his party!  With each year of this birthday party business, we get alittle smarter and a litter wiser on things.  Only 10 friends.  Drop off.  Simple decorations, etc.  This year, I included Alaric on some of the budgeting decisions as he is old enough to understand there is only so much money available for parties and I wanted him to decide what it should go for.  He melted my heart when she said he didn't care about the napkins or stuff like that.  Just that his friends were there and that mommy and daddy played WITH them, not just watched!  DONE!  Playing with our kids is easy- and FREE!

This ninja was ready!
 As was his sister!
 One thing we've learned from all our parties is to have stuff to do for "filler" so 10 crazy boys aren't running around constantly.  Legos=perfect filler!
 Ninja star making

 Designed just for Bubba by Grammy!  Another masterpiece!
 This year, Bubba chose the Harvest Moon Drive In for his service project!  He raised $500
 Sensei for the day, Brian led the boys in warm ups!
 And ninja tag!
 The kids made ninja headbands for themselves and for kids with cancer at St. Jude!
See, I told you Legos are perfect!
 This was our ninja ropes course!  WOW!  Impressive!
 Super Cool Ninjas!
 Battling the kickbag!
 Each child earned their blackbelt!
Another successful party!  Phew!  

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zerry ht said...

Fantastic! this kid does have an awesome talent. My son loves to play football, so I am thinking to book one of the open to sky Los Angeles event venues for his birthday celebration and will try to involve some football related activity and also the decoration of that theme.