Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekend in Galesburg...a Mystery!

We headed to Galesburg this weekend to host a dinner party for Brian's parents ( a Christmas gift for them). We got out Brian and his sister, Anita's big wheels in the front yard and the kids went crazy! Look how awesome they look ( and check out their autn aunt or dad's names on the side of the big wheels)
Brian found his old liscense plate from Highschool- he was so cool!
We shipped the kids off to their aunt and uncle and surprised all 12 of the guests with a mystery dinner. We had SUCH A BLAST last April when our neighbor hosted the same kind of party for our neighborhood, we just knew we needed to do this for someone, and Brian's parent's golf group was perfect! Check out details from our neighborhood party here.

Anyway- we came up with 25 items that had golf clues and put them on a menu. The guests had to pick their own order of items for each of the 5 rounds and see what they got when they sat down. For instance, the menu might say "Golf Drives Me". If you pick that, when you get your plate, you might see a scoop of nuts. Or maybe you see "Slice". Well, that will earn you a knife. A "Wedge" will get you a slice of cheesecake and "19th Hole" gets you an icecube.
The guests had no idea what they were getting themselves into and thought they were really going to have a wonderful 5 course meal with great food choices. They poured over the menus to make their selections!
Brian and I took those menus and spread out in the kitchen putting together each plate with exactly what they ordered for that course. They may have chosen a utensil to eat with or not. If not, you had to eat with your hands or get creative. The only rule was you had to earn every part of your course, silverware included however no one said you couldn't tear part of your plate to scoop or simply pick your plate up and shovel it in. By the end of the meal, they got the hang of it!
Bob ( at the far end) shows everyone that his course had all utencils and only ONE food item, ONE CHIP ( "chipping one in") while someone else shows their fork ( "hook") with pride that he could actually eat! Too bad all he got was 4 saltine crackers ("fore")
They had a blast, and had a great sense of humor! Brian and I had so much fun doing it too!
Then the kids came home to see everyone and play. Wayne and Alaric had some fun together too!
And as always with grandkids, they were the center of attention and entertained the crowd!

Alaric and Daddy on his big wheel!

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The Buehnerkemper Family said...

You are SO creative! What a great idea & how special to create such an amazing memory for Chris, Bob & their friends! You are awesome!