Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Today it's my birthday!!!!

Today it's my birthday and I'm THIRTY THREE years old and pretty content with it!

My morning started as always with Breakfast in bed.
Snuggly time with my babies...and the promise to relax and play lots with my kids.
And we did. It was a gorgeous day! So after we picked up Al at school, we headed to the Park- our favorite park to swing, run, and explore. It was amazing!

Don't they look happy?
All Brian told me for the evening's plans was that I needed to be dressed up and ready to go at 4PM. The babysitter arrived and I left to pick Bri up at work. He took me to Sunsinger Wine Bar where he had already decided what appetizers to order and we feasted on many of my favorites from the menu, along with 8 tastings of wine-YUM!
Then we headed to campus and went for a walk on the Quad- one of our favorite things to do. We stopped here at this pillar and bench. Legend says that if you kiss the one you love here, you'll get married. We kinda did it in reverse order but it was still fun!
We love being on campus
He told me we were going to Krannert Center for the Performing Arts. As we arrived to pick up our tickets, Hip Hop Music began playing in the lobby ( when it's usually elevator music). An older couple began dancing by themselves. Odd I thought. Maybe this was the show?
Then it was 3 couples, then 6, then 20, then more. It was a MOB FLASH DANCE. All of a sudden, the lobby was full of couples of all ages dancing it up to choreographed music. And then it ended and everyone dispersed and the elevator music went back on. It was so fun to watch.

Brian got tickets to a Cirque De Solei like show called "ID" It was incredible! OH MY GOSH! Like nothing I've ever experienced

For more than 2 hours we were mesmerized. After the show when the lights came on, Brian realized we were sitting next to JustinSpring. U of I gymnast and Olympic Bronze Medalist. My sweet husband introduced himself. God, I love him.
I had such a wonderful day and Brian did an amazing job thinking of me and planning the perfect date! Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou.
Also on a great note, our best friends ( and Al's Godparents) Heather and Justin, had their second daughter, CharlotteElizabeth , today in Spain! I'm so excited to share my birthday with Charley and Alaric is so excited to have another God "sister"!


Heather said...

Happy Birthday Katie and Charley!

Lisa Marz said...

33?? Wow! You are SO old! haha! What a marvelous time! Was the birthday weekend for you birthday too? What a long and great birthday celebration for you. So worthy of that double number (3...3). The kids are adorable! I love the picture of them in the wagon.

We went to the John Deere museum a few years ago and loved it to!

HaPpY BiRtHdAy!