Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Spring...Happy Hour!

The e-mails and conversations began around 3PM and by 5 we were all at Jack and June's for the first Happy Hour of the spring!!! The porch hadn't been officially opened yet and no one had planned for it but really, aren't those the best get-togethers?

The kids fell right into their routines, getting out all of June's toys and projects and getting to work.
The adults and big kids did too....we got out as many chairs as we could find
And emptied cupboards of snacks and fridges of beers to share together.
The kids tried a few new things in the yard while the adults talked the evening away. When it started to get dark and the filth on our children's faces and bodies was thick enough to scrape, we parted ways- anxious for the next get together.
North North Charter is back in business again. We've been cooped up for months! Thank God for Spring...and my neighbors!

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