Saturday, March 19, 2011

Alaric's SUPER DUPER Super Hero Birthday Party!!!!

Well, today was the day! The day we had been planning for weeks and which Alaric had been looking forward to for MONTHS!! The super hero birthday party. Alaric decided he wanted to be SpiderMan.
And Amara was Violet Incredible
Happy Birthday 5 year old! We again rented a room in the community building and were overjoyed NOT to have all his friends and parents in our home.
Grammy outdid herself again with the cake- WOW! Alaric loved it and so did all of his friends.
Uncle Dan, Jack, and Alaric in Batman ( Alaric had this on under his spiderman costume)
Grammy came as SUPER Grammy!
Because we had more than 20 children there, we did stations. The kids, most of whom wore super hero gear, could do a few activities on their own to start out. One was to make your own super hero shield! These boys battled it out with their creations.
Or you could design a super hero arm band, color, or work on decorating capes for children with cancer.
Lots of batmans and spidermans, and a few supermans and some other creations were represented!
Mr. Incredible became Mr. Freeze and went on an attack...Freeze Tag! The kids loved being chased by Brian and having to crawl through each other's legs to free someone.
We love SUPER HEROESYum! Cake time!The kids and parents devoured it!
Each year for birthdays, we ask that the kids not bring an individual gift but rather help us with a service project for someone else and bring one small item for a group gift. Alaric wanted a super hero kit filled with lots of different things super heroes might need. His friends were very creative and very generous!We made a spider's web out of yarn and the kids had to hold a string and then throw the yarn to someone else.
We did super hero training activities including practicing walking through things, like hoola hoops!
We played balloon games to practice our ability to keep ourself agile and keep things flying in the air.
It was a HUGE success and we all survived! After we cleaned up and everyone left, The Bechtels stayed and we ordered in pizza and ate together. V gave her gift to Bubba and he went crazy...a Power Ranger Megazord!!!!!!!!!! He was so excited. It was, by far, his favorite gift of the entire Birthday season!

After naps, we sorted through all the gifts. His friends did a great job writing little notes to explain how he can use the item to be a better, safer, more powerful super!
I got working on the capes. Our service for his birthday was to decorate 8 super hero capes that we could bring up to the Children's Hospital in Chicago to give to the kids with cancer....they are the ones who fight battles in their bodies everyday and are the real heroes. We had been talking about this project for months and Alaric really was excited. That meant we needed to MAKE the capes. My amazing next door neighbor, June, taught me how to sew and I made all 8 super hero capes all by myself!!!
Then the kids glued beads and trim to them and earlier today I sewed over what they glued to be sure it all stayed in place.
They turned out really nice!
We packaged each one individually and included a letter telling who we were and why we had made these capes and who Alaric was.

Alaric thinks we are heading to Chicago tomorrow just to drop off the capes and head home....boy is he in for a surprise!

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The Buehnerkemper Family said...

Sorry we missed the party - it looked like such a great time! Awesome! Happy birthday Buddy!