Friday, March 11, 2011

Hearts at Home Conference

When I joined The Moms Group 3 years ago, I began hearing about Hearts at Home and their annual mom conference empowering moms, etc. Usually at group of TMG members went. I had enough conferences on my plate with Zeta and honestly, I was nervous. A MOM conference? I was curious but just wasn't sure if it was for me.

Then last year, I decided right after the new year, that I was going to the Hearts at Home thing! I no longer had to worry about Zeta and I loved my Moms Group and the things I had learned. I wanted more. I wanted to be recharged and fired up! I told myself I would ask for the opportunity to go for my birthday. Soon before conference registration deadlines, Brian lost his job and I was not going to spend an entire day away and spending money when there was so much uncertainty in our lives.

Well this year was the year! I was going. Brian had employment and I needed more than ever to connect with other moms on a much larger scale. I asked my parents if the only gift I got for my birthday could be the registration fees AND to take my kids all day so I could enjoy while Bri was at work. They agreed!

I had hoped to go with some TMG members but the scheduling just wasn't working out and many were going on Saturday, not Friday. I hoped to ask my girlfriend in Normal who has 3-year-old quads but we never connected. SO, with a heavy breath, I registered by myself. This was really going to be all for me. And while I was nervous- I was also excited to do this for myself.

This morning I woke early and drove to Normal The National Hearts at Home Conference is at the Student Center at ISU. Since it was Spring Break and all the students were gone, I avoided the parking fees and parked an extra block farther at my sorority house, ZetaTauAlpha. I was talking to Brian as I got out of my car and began walking towards campus from the off campus sorority house. I headed up the alley and all these crazy memories came flooding back. I took that trip up the alley numerous times a day for the 3 years I lived in the house. The only difference was that I was talking on the phone ( most people didn't have a phone attached their ear all the time in the 90's).

Anyways, after I registered, I went to the bookstore to look at all the mommy books and I ran into someone. I stopped immediately and said, "I'm sorry!" As she turned around to tell me it was alright, I said, "Leslie?" and sure enough, it was my girlfriend from High School!!!! She lives in Normal now with her husband and 1 year old and is pregnant with her second. It was such a small world. We talked for a few minutes and then compared schedules and realized we had the first two workshops together. She promised to save me a seat.

I met up with her and her girlfriend after the amazingly powerful opening session and I ended up spening the whole day with my girlfriend Leslie and her friend, Denise! It was joyful! We talked like moms and wives and I so appreciated how we all have grown up and turned into such amazing women!

Here is Leslie!

I attended 4 workshops on marriage and parenting and the household. there were tons of choices and I loved them all. The closing session had great music,
and a powerful message by the Founder of Hearts at Home ( and my favorite blogger), JillSavage. I, along with 5,000 other moms had an incredible day with some pretty incredible women!
Thanks mom and dad for watching the kids for me and paying my way- I can't wait for next year!

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