Monday, March 14, 2011

Our Birthday Weekend in Galesburg!

We arrived late Friday night to Galesburg for our birthday weekend and were told to be ready to go by 9AM on Saturday! SURPRISES!!! We got in the car and drove an hour to the Quad Cities where Bob and Chris surprised us with a trip to the John Deere Museum! What a treat.

The kids were giddy and loved posing by the Deer
Nana and Mara had tractor races in the kids area!
Alaric was totally over stimulated. Not quite sure where to go and when- he needed to see everything.
Our Fulton Family in the scooper of a huge front loader!
Mara and I are going to plow some fields!
We love John Deere

The place was so cool and we loved having part of our gift being a PLACE or a Thing to DO together. The memory will last forever!
After a trip to Steak N Shake where Anita and Joe met us and some nice naptime, we headed to the bowling alley to meet a few more family members ( Mara could have done this all night. She'll probably be a cheerleader).
Amara has a crush on her Uncle Joe so she loved getting to spend some quality time with him.

There were three teams....the young ones
The middle agers
and the old folks!
Some played better than others but we all had a blast!
And while g-ma didn't bowl, she hung out with us and we loved it!We headed back to Bob and Chris' for dinner and presents and desserts. What fun!Sunday morning, Anita and Joe and Brian and I went for a run. We are all on a relay team for the Illinois Marathon. Anita and I ran 3.5 and the boys ran 7. Not bad for a Sunday morning!Look at these cuties! These are my favorite t-shirts on them ( Thanks Anita). We get compliments wherever we go!Our relay team again! Only 6 more weeks to go!
We had an amazing weekend. Thanks to everyone for making our birthdays so extra special- specifically Bob and Chris who added lots of little touches to make everyone feel like their birthday was special!
THis is Amara at the bowling alley who broke into dance all by herself. So glad we captured it on video! ENjoy!


The Buehnerkemper Family said...

That looks like so much fun! I'm so glad you guys finally made it to the John Deere museum! How fun memories! Yeah! Ps - great job running Sunday am! ;)

Kristi said...

awww fun!!