Sunday, November 25, 2012


Brian sliced the turkey this year at The Fultons in Galesburg- a masterpiece!
 Great Gram got extra snuggly time with Amara ( all you have to do is offer a book!)
 And we all got to catch up with family while we ate amazing food!
 Uncle Jeff and Uncle Dan served as napping bookends during the football game.
 And Tyler's best friend became Alaric's hero when he told us he was a karate blackbelt AND had his own Samari sword from a tournament in his car!
 Friday morning we left Galesburg super early so we could meet my cousins and tailgate and go to the Nebraska/Iowa game in Iowa City ( Brian borrowed a Nebraska sweatshirt from friends so he didn't have to cheer for Iowa).  It was incredibly cold but we had a blast!
 I love my cousins Brad and Becky!
 Serious parking lot tailgating, even in 20 degree weather
 And we SURE DID LUCK OUT when Brad and Becky's friends didn't need their clubhouse seats.  All 4 of us were able to watch the game from inside!
 We got home and got to spend a few days with my aunt and cousins, Maddie and Brady too ( all the other family wasn 't able to make it this year).  We had a blast just hanging out!  And Mara got all the Maddie time she needed.
 After game night on Friday night, we used Saturday before our big meal together to take advantage of the park across the street...nothing like a tire swing!
 And poles used as barriers became balancing beams for us for a long time.  So much fun walking back and forth over and over and seeing how far we could get without falling off!
 We saw a great family movie Saturday afternoon, Rise of the Guardians, and then played a few hours of the game of Life. 
 Oh, and these two were inseperatable! What a wonderful Thanksgiving Celebration with family!

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