Monday, November 26, 2012

I'm Thankful for Montessori!

Montessori has been such a joy for us all, especially Amara! She's getting so much education that I could never give her.  Here's a few moments I'm thankful for at Thanksgiving!

Here she is at work time learning the parts of a snail and creating a book out of all the different parts.
 A botony lesson with Mim...after disecting a beautiful hybiscus flower from Mim's house, they compared the parts to a work on the botony shelf.
 A year ago I never would have let Amara where a pretty dress and her formal coat to school much less allow her to play outside in them....but my daughter loves to dress fancy and also loves to dig in the dirt, climb large tires, and play with the boys.  I've learned that the experiences she's getting outside at Metamophosis far outway stains on a dress.  So- she wears what she wants and I do more laundry.   Watching these scenes through the window at school are priceless!
 mara wanted to feed the chickens as we were leaving school.  She called out, "Here chicky chickies!  I have a special treat for you"...and wouldn't you know it....those chickens came out of their coops and ran to her as to say, "whatcha got for us, little missy!"
Thank You Metamorphosis!

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