Friday, November 16, 2012

Date Night with Mommy!

Our dear friends gave us their tickets to see Charlotte's Web at The Little Theatre on the Square in Sullivan. Brian was sick today and not able to go so it was date night for me and my kiddos.  Usually when its just the 3 of us, we are off running errands or focused on DOING something ( usually for someone else too).  It was so nice to do something for us and just be together.  I love my time my my babies.  We got all dressed up and headed to Sullivan!
 The owner of the theater is a good friend to Cody, the owner of Metamorphosis!  He surprised the kids with huge cookies to eat during show.  They loved it! ( you can't see mara's but she's craddling hers like a doll.  ha!)
 The show was great and the kids loved the story.  We have the chapter book in que right now to start reading!

So, the tradition for The Fultons is that you have to dance if you get locked out of the house or the car or where ever before anyone can let you in.  Bubba locked Mara out of the car and Amara loved showing off her moves for us!

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