Friday, November 30, 2012

Meeting Santa at the Mall

Amara was not excited about this yearly tradition this year.  She wanted to see Santa but not touch him, talk to him, or make any contact with the big guy in red.  We were gearing up for a meltdown when two magical things happened....

We heard Santa call from around the door, "Come here, Bubba!  Lets talk about that Samari Sword you want and tell me about those ballet slippers Sissy wants too!

What?!  Did Santa really know our names and what we wanted?  The kids faces lit up.  Even Mara's, as she gripped tightly to Brian's neck.  It was true- Bubba went running to Santa to chat.  

Then a sweet lady's voice said, "Sissy- you want ballet slippers- I love ballet!"

Huh?  Who was that?  IT WAS MRS. CLAUS!  Sent from heaven as far as this mom is concerned!
 Amara went right to her and they chatted!
 While Alaric never stopped chatting ( I don't know where he gets that!)
 Our group picture worked out perfectly and we all left happy!  What a joy!

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