Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas at Jack and June's

Our first Christmas party of the season proved to be a good one- an amazing way to start the season, at our beloved neighbor's Jack and Junes!

Jack welcomed everyone from his chair as we arrived and we got started!
 To the kitchen for snack!
 Bubba and Alaric love any extra time together
 Lots of smiling and laughing from all!
 Then June handed out fancy names for each child so they could decorate
 and decorate they did!
 Then homemade ornaments!
 And onto the gifts!  June put a rope down the center of the rug with boys on one side and girls on the other
 Then she took out dozens of small items for boys and small items for girls and she drew names and numbers.  Each child got to come forward and pick one small item they wanted....over and over!
 They each recieved a garbage bag-this was serious stuff!
 Then Jack came and passed out books for each child
 and gave some extra love to Sammy too!
 Then up the kids stood and waited in the dining room doorway as June called one child forward at a time to choose a homemade wreath.  June helped the little ones make the big decision!
 The children waited with anticipation for their name to be called.
 She knitted these masterpieces!  And added tons of details!
 And Sammy mastered what all North Charter Children must....going in and out of the porch window over and over and over!
 Back to the living room where the boys got legos, the babies got books, and the girls got handmade scarves from June!  
 Not sure these kids ( only Katlyn was missing) and their parents could love Jack and June more!
 Then everyone lined up for hugs from Jack and then June before we all headed to our own homes!  We love these people, who have become our family, and our neighborhood!

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