Sunday, November 18, 2012

5th Annual Thanksgiving with Friends

For the past 5 years our friends from Champaign have gathered in Monticello for our annual Thanksgiving with Friends.  We do 4 or 5 events together a year and this is the one the Fultons host!

Brian tried a few new tricks with the turkey this year and it worked!  AMAZING!
 27 people were at our house today.  This is the first year we had TWO seperate kids tables!
 LOTS of great food provided by all!
 The little girls tables!
 We sit around and visit for a long time while the children play.  Its a real joy to get to connect with such dear friends!
 The Meyers
 The Shaws
 The Jacksons
 The Johnsons
 The Fultons
 The Dills
 the Kids!  All 15 of them....they aren't all happy but they are all there!
 The group!
 And yes, that is an 18 month old with a was that kind of night!
 And this kind of night sweet!
 Our newest member of the group, Penelope all snuggled up!
Another successful event hosted.  Another wonderful celebration of friendship and family!

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