Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Fruit Salad Feast

We wanted to do something small for Thanksgiving but did not want it to be a traditional thanksgiving  feast as we had already had our Harvest lunch a few weeks prior. We decided to have each child bring a fruit and together we would make a fruit salad, showing how the children can come together with their item and prepare and share together, the way the pilgrims and indians and  many families today do.  

It was LOVELY!  Really.  So simple and sweet and so fun.

Here two children prepared fruit, one scrubs an apple and one slices grapes.
 O ne cuts cantelope while another divides oranges
 Two more children cut fruit ( its amazing what a butter knife in the hands of a 4 year old is capable of.  Never underestimate how your children can help you in the kitchen.  I think I could have ask kids to slice grapes for an hour!)
 We seperated all the fruits
 Got our tables together and asked each child to take a turn mixing the fruit together
 So much fun!
 And sweet Mason won the turkey raffle....we spent more than a week cutting feathers in the art area to create this thing!

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