Sunday, August 18, 2013

Weekend Getaway to the Gateway!

We decided to surprise the kids with an impromptu weekend getaway two days before school started.  We told them simply to get in the car.  That was it.  We just drove. Brian and I talked uninterrupted.  The kids read.  They watched a movie.  We said nothing about where we were going.  And then finally, Alaric looked up and yelled "THE ARCH!"

We had so much fun once we got to the top and the kids realized how high we really you see that tiny blurb to the left of the barge?  That s a helicopter flying in the air!
Mara just jumped up and enjoyed the view!
St. Louis Selfie
Had dinner and drinks out and headed to bed.  More surprises in store.
Again, we told the kids to simply get in the car.  Then did.  And we drove.  Again, no questions.  It was Mara this time that said "Is that a roller coaster?"  Then Bubba screamed "Thats lots of roller coasters!!!"  Six Flags, here we come!

We spent the whole day riding roller coaster after roller coaster and spent the late part of the afternoon and evening at the water park!  What an incredible end to summer!

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