Tuesday, August 20, 2013

1st Day of School!

Is this day already here?  How did this happen?  No, really.  HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?  While other moms are counting the days til their kids get back into the school routine, I am dreading it.  I hate it.  I LOVE being home with my kids.  I love taking them places during the day, exploring camps, going to the pool all afternoon, catching fireflies and having bonfires.  Having 4 hour happy hour parties, staying up late, and starting all over the next day.  This summer was an odd one with the weather but really magical too.  My kids grew up!  Alaric became a young man so freaking smart I can't take it and gaining confidence each day.  Amara went from my "baby mara" to this BIG GIRL who could do more than the rest of us and could communicate effectively too.  What a joy it was having the honor of getting to see them grow up right before my eyes this summer.  So grateful I get to stay home.

Both kids got the red plates today!  Special day for both of these two blessings.

 Look at this gorgeous kindergartener!  Honestly, it brings tears to my eyes posting this picture because its PROOF she's a big girl now.

 And this handsome guy?!  Wow!

 They both look just like their daddy.  

 But I like to think they got something from me too.

 Drop off at a new school!  He was ready to do it all on his own so we left him before the bell ( tears)
 We watched our kindergartener get in line.  Other kids were crying.  Lots of hugging.  Ours just walked right up to her class.  She looked a bit timid here but....
 when we called her name, this is the Mara we got!  So brave and strong.
 Where does the time go?  So grateful they love each other too.

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