Thursday, August 15, 2013

Snakey Party at Grammy and Papa's!

Yup, you heard me- Snakey Party.  Snakey was Dan's beloved hand-knit snake that was in his crib as a baby and moved with him wherever he went...his Lovey!   Well, on Alaric and Veronica's third Christmas, they received their own Snakey.  Then this year, on Jack's 3rd Christmas, he too got his own Snakey- completing the Snakes for the grandkids.  For Easter, Grammy made each of their home made easter eggs as Snakes with an invitation to a Snake Party this summer and guess what....after waiting 35 years I too got my own snake...just a smaller version.

The party was great.  Each kid LOVES their Snakey and each snake is very unique with yarn from their homemade stocking, their baby blankets, the blankets of their siblings or cousins, and numerous projects of Grammy's.

 The kids and Grammy compared the lengths of all the snakes and talked about how they were the same and different.  They each even got an award to wear around their necks for the day. 
 The snakes proved to be a landing pad for these sweet cousins too!
 Then we headed outside for some pool time.  The weather wasn't great but it didn't bother the kids at all.  We made them dance like snakes and slither to....

 Their snack!  DIRT with SNAKES HIDDEN INSIDE ( Gluten free, nut free, and egg free to boot!)
 Can't have dessert without Grammy and Papa getting to try some too!

 The Grammy and Papa did what they love to do...just watched their grandbabies play and play, filled with nothing but joy!

 We dried off and warmed up and made our very own snaky on paper while we waited patiently for the second special snack made by Grammy....SNAKEY CAKE!
 All 6 Snakey's together at last!
 We love you Grammy and Papa!!!! Thanks for a great party!

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