Sunday, August 4, 2013

Nelson Family Reunion

We always jump for joy at this event!  Fun times!
While the kids had a babysitter, the adults got busy at the golfcourse, establishing teams and talking up a storm
Love spending these days with Brian!

Grandma LOVE!
Grandma and her Grands and one Great who could be with us!
Not bad form for only golfing once a year, right?

We picked up the kiddos and headed to a local restaurant for the games, darts, bar games, food, and drink- SO MUCH FUN!
She got these out of a machine and wouldn't take them out...for anything!
Sunday morning Alaric got to ride Brian's old Banana seat bike- fun to see!
And then we headed to the reunion.  The firestation was open across the street and the kids loved being invited into the vehicles.  It never gets old for them
Lots of fun and games!

I told you she wouldn't take them out.
Do you see Mara jumping?  This is when a firefighter ( and cousin) told the kids they could have a RIDE on the truck.  First time for both!
We always enjoy ending our weekend with the one who brought us all together...we miss you Great Gramps!

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