Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Veronica's Birthday at the Drive-IN

We love our niece and nephew so a few years ago for their birthdays, we starting giving them gifts of something to DO together.  Sometimes just for that one person, without the sibling.  But V's gift this year was for both.  A TRIP TO THE DRIVE IN!

These kids were warm and ready!
All for this little girl who we love to celebrate!
We killed time before the movie by playing soccer and doing so balance games.
V doesn't usually do this stuff but she got the hang of it and rocked it!
Loved having jack with us too!
Oh, and you all know how I feel about this guy.
Fulton LOVE!
What a great group to have together-these cousins ADORE each other
Little Bubba and  Big Bubba!
We gave her a ton of candy and treats for her birthday to bring to the drive-in.  She was ready to dive in.
Its almost show time!
We had a blast!  The kids fell asleep on the way home and got spend all day together today too.  LOVED IT!

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