Sunday, August 5, 2012

Nelson Golf Outing, Wedding Showers, Nelson Family Reunion

Saturday was the annual Nelson Family Golf Outing!  Here are the teams....

 What a fun group-love these people!
 Anytime this family gets togethers, its hugs, laughter, and lots of fun!

Anita and Brian
 Me and Brian!
 I wish I could show you more about the outing but I can't.  It started POURING RAIN ( can you see in the background).  Us and about 10 others went to the small shelter to wait out the storm.  By the time it stopped, we were....
 ...already back at the clubhouse drinking ( and I wasn't even an embarrassing player)
 We went home and changed and got ready for the wedding shower the family was hosting for Brian's cousins Luke ( and his fiance Alecia) and Tara ( and her fiance Brandon).  Both couples are getting married this fall!
 Of course the Fultons coordinated ( are you surprised?)

 The aunts planned The Newlywed Game for the two engaged couples and their parents.  It was awesome!
 Lots of fun, embarrasing moments ( mara is covering her face in embarrassment)
 stories told
 disapointment in answers
 lots of laughter
 and utter shock of answers!
 and of course boasting and bragging too!
 mostly fun-lots of fun!
 yellow was the color of the night!
 the couple loved opening gifts from the family!
 We are so happy for them to start their lives together!
 Alaric was thrilled when his cousins Tyler and Logan asked him to play go fish!
 And then we danced!
 and danced...
 and danced!  We left at 10 or so to get the kids home and asleep.  The rest partied until after 1AM!  God I love this family!
 Today was the 53rd annual Nelson Family Reunion with all the extended Nelson clan! We had a great group!
 One of Chris' cousins brought some old dress up clothes and Amara was IN HEAVEN! ( look at her work those yellow pumps!)
 We brought back and old time favorite and had a white elephant auction.  people brought items from their home, wrapped.  Others bid on them.  It was great!  All the money goes to the account used to rent the space each year and any supplies needed.  We raised more in one auction than had been in the account for years!  
 And we always play games ( thanks to Jeff)
 The tradition of a water balloon toss is always the favorite of the day for everyone, young and old.
 There is nothing better than a kid wet and smiling from a great day with his family!

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