Sunday, August 19, 2012

August Birthdays Celebrations!

Dan, Veronica, and Jack all have birthdays in August ( almost as bad as March) so tonight we headed to Jupiters for family time and dinner to celebrate together.  

These two girls love their Papa!
 Jack and I convinced Grammy to do Skeeball with us.  She did great! ( thanks Mara for the picture!)
 Jack LOVED playing the games and getting the tickets.  he learned very quickly that the more tickets you had, the better is was!
Nothing like getting some "ink" at the pizza place!
 Grammy got hers too!
These two cousins can't get enough of each other!
 Then we headed back to Dan and Jen's for presents and more fun!

Look at these sweeties in their initial shirts from Grammy & Papa!
 Girls RULE!
 We got Jack Choo Choo stuff and a trip to the Monticello Train!
 My favorite part of the night was simply spoiling Jack with love!  Bri and I took him outside by himself and we got some much needed nephew spoiling...just the 3 of us!  It doesn't happen often and therefore was extra sweet!

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