Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Charlotte's Baptism & Olivia's Birthday!

We spent the day celebrating with our best friends, The Boyds!  They flew home from San Diego and had their baby baptized this morning!  It was really beautiful.  Other than Alaric asking if he could have a coin to throw in the fountain, the day went great!
 Alaric couldn't WAIT to wear his bow tie!
 Look at sweet Charley!  She did so well today!
 The four of us always find ourselves standing in the kitchen talking about everything and nothing at all.  Even though the house was full of people, we found ourselves in the kitchen again!
 Lots of celebrating!  First for Charley
 Then for Olivia's birthday!
 The 7 kids ( ages 1-13) played perfectly ( no really- not ONE fuss from any of them at all for 2 hours)!  And what did they play with?  Vintage Little People toys.....hundreds of the Old School little people and then every known thing imaginable....the house, the castle ( who knew about a castle), the garage, the airplanes, cars, merry go rounds, swings, etc!  It was awesome to see!

 We gave Charley her first stuffed animal.  A super soft doggu ( or lamb, I'm not sure) that says a prayer when you hug it.  She loved it.  It was really sweet to see.
 Alaric's and his God family ( he loves his god sisters TONS!)
 Alaric and his Godparents!  
 Alaric often times is stuck with girls but today he had a 9 year old and a 13 year old!  So fun! ( look at those sweet ties!)
 The greatest was spending a few hours with my best friend who lives so far away- love you Schamie!

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