Monday, August 27, 2012

Amara's First Day of School!

What a day!  Our sweet Mara headed to Pre-K!  She's so big and wise and ready to discover the world around her.  Look how excited this booger was to start her day and get the special red plate!
 I thought she might have some nerves about starting a new school ( I know I did).  She was all giggles and joy!
 No backpacks at Metamorphosis Montessori.  Just book bags.  And Ms. Heather picked a pink one for Mara.  She must have known our little girl!
 Proud Daddy!
 And mommy too!  I feel so honored to get the chance to teach preschool to my own child.  What a dream for me!!
 Big Brother gave a great send off too!
 We both walk into our first day of school
 What's inside to discover?
 Not many parents get to document what happens on the first day but I get to see it all unfold each day.  So, of course, I documented it.  Mim ( the name they call the teacher) drew these flowers for Amara on the outdoor chalkboard and wrote her name.
 Amara did regular playground stuff today but the real joy was seeing her volunteer to put on boots and head into the barnyard for chores and exploring.  She was alittle hesitant at first with the sheep but warmed up quickly and was able to pet Thistle!
 First day of school.  First time working in a barnyard.  And she collects 4 beautiful eggs.  My heart swells!
 And as Fulton Family tradition dictates, we headed for icecream immediately!  What a day!

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