Saturday, June 1, 2013

Amara's Under The Sea Arial Birthday Party!

Look at this masterpiece of a cake and this adorable 5 year old twin of Arial!
 All Amara dreamed and talked about was having a pool party!  Dreams can come true....and you can have your cousins and your best friends there too!
 So much fun!
 Way to go, Grammy!  Amazing!
 She was so giddy about this beautiful cake made just for her!
 Everyone else loved it too!
 Instead of gifts, Amara chose the Decatur YMCA as her service project.  She asked that her friends bring swim items for the aquatics program at the Y!
 Boy did they bring stuff! WOW!
 Instead of regular cards, we also asked that people bring Amara MAIL.  She loved getting mail ( who doesn't, right?).  instead of just bringing a card, consider putting something in an envelope to send later ( stickers, a coin, a treat, etc).  I promise to put atleast one a week in the mail and we'll see how long her birthday present will last her!.
An super successful party!

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