Saturday, June 8, 2013

My Little American Sweetheart

When my aunt Doris came to visit, she brought with her a darling little dress that her mother ( my Grandmother) made for her in 1940.  Auntie Doris, and others in her writing group, had been writing about living during WW2 and they wanted a cover for their compilation book.  Amara in this dress would be perfect.  First of all, lets talk about the dress!  Its incredible.  It looks like it was store bought this week!  The stitches are beautiful and the fabric is so vibrant!
 I was honored to put Amara in it...and nervous too!  Amara could mess up this dress in one minute, even though it had been perfect for the past 70 years!
 Amara posed so well and took some beautiful shots.  Here are my favorites!

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