Thursday, May 30, 2013

Amara's Birthday

Man, I love waking up my kids on their birthdays and surprising them with breakfast in the morning hair!
 Now this is more like it...and she got to pick her breakfast.  Yes, thats corn on the cob.  You don't mess with birthday requests!  ( she ate it all!)
 Amara is great at receiving gifts.  She can make whoever is shopping for her feel like a million included.  her reaction to her Ariel Doll and her Emeraldalicious book were priceless!

 As Fulton Family tradition dictates- Brian takes the day off work and we go DO something.  Must better than just having something.  So, Amara got all dressed up and grabbed her new suitcase from her aunt and uncle and was ready for anything.
 We surprised Amara with a trip to the Zoo in Springfield.

 Then we headed to Scheels!  Its a sporting goods place but its like NO OTHER!  It has amazing things to see and do....

A massive aquarium.
 Nascar simulation
 Shooting ranges
 Big fish!

 ( he was scary but Brian got him!)
And even a Ferris Wheel!  YES-IN THE STORE!
 We rode it numerous times.  Mara would say things like "I'm frrrrreeeeeaked" and then giggle and lean over the side smiling!
 after a few hours there we headed to Chuck E Cheese for some food and fun!
 What an amazing day for our amazing little five year old!

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