Monday, May 6, 2013

Oh Jack!

Its been such a joy getting to watch Jack every single day.  I have loved every. single. moment!  Really!  What I've loved most is being about the see the silly Jack.  The guy I don't get to see come out completely in the small bursts we had with him before.  These long stretched have allowed him to open up and be really fun. This week we had a few of those moments.  The kids were sitting at the table putting stickers on paper and I look up and this is what Jack looks like.  When I asked him what he was doing, he just said, "putting stickers on my face." as if it was the most normal thing ever!

 And I just had to document the snack he ate.  Seaweed.  Not alittle.  Alot!  He sat in front of the TV and ate it over and over and over the way I eat popcorn.  
 Just shovelled it in and went back for more.  Sweet boy.  I couldn't get past the smell.  Compliments to his parents for raising him to eat that crap!  Love you, Jack!

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