Sunday, February 12, 2012

LEEEEEEGGGGGGOOOOOOLAAAAANNNNNDDDDD!!! ( LegoLand...the Greatest Place on Earth ( Right Now)

As you know, we like to give things to DO, not things to have. And this year for Christmas, Alaric got a trip to Legoland and today was the day!

This kid was excited...mapping out the visit, searching through magazines for all the newest stuff to look at...and when we found out today would also be a STAR WARS day at LegoLand, it was the icing on the cake! AMAZING!

We were the first in line.
And to see the Star Wars lego stuff was incredible!

i sat back and watched alot as my little boy had full on, adult conversations about Star Wars and Legos and contruction of it all with workers at Legoland.

Mara loved that there was "girl" stuff Wendy from Bob The Builder!

And this ride was our favorite....we pedalled as we flew in the air. We did it over and over and never got sick of it!

We took a class on how to make our very own AT-AT and the kids even got to take theirs home with them.

The Lego construction area was so great for Mara, who needed to run and jump and swing while Bubba built and created and explored.

And the 3D movie we saw had wind and rain and snow and was really impressive.

Nothing could top seeing these guys all over the place! Look at that happy face!

We love our Star Wars Family!!!!

They have a stunning exhibit where they have recreated the City. Only this weekend, the Clones has taken over and destroyed everything...they were everything and we got to see the destruction!

Could it get any better?

Mara loved it all too! She was such a trooper trying to keep up with her Bubba!

More rides with my sweet little man!

And finally at the end, Mara caught on to what Al and Daddy had been doing all morning....making their own race cars and testing them. Mara's was not impressive ( see...its only two wheels and one lego keeping it together) but she raced that thing a dozen times over and over and over and it beat out other creations too! She was proud!

We had a great time. We played, we watched movies, we explored, we ate, we shopped, we danced, we laughed, we built, we rode on rides, and most importantly.....we watched Alaric, in his element, have one of the best days of his year and we got to do it- TOGETHER

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Just showed this to my little one...we can't wait to go!!!