Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Our teacher Valentine's looked like this this year.
And our Grandparent and Godparent ones looks like this....

Its always fun to wake up to special breakfasts and VDay is the day all meals get creative...made with LOVE!

I did the games at Alaric's Valentine's Day party. When I entered I saw that they had brainstormed things they loved. So sweet. Look what Al wrote....( figures)

We played stack the conversation hearts

and had twizzler eating races- so fun!

Then Mara and I stayed to have lunch with Bubba. They loved showing off their special lunches at school too!

Our wall is full of Valentines!

And dinner was another chance for us to have a special meal ( they NEVER get Chicken nuggets...Al asked if we were having a babysitter)

At each place there were also 4 HUGS. We each had to give away our four hugs and tell someone else at the table reasons why we loved them. It was very sweet. I cried.

Since Alaric and I had so much fun with twizzler races at school, we decided the whole family needed to try it for dinner- it was really funny!

Brian and I don't exchange gifts and we learned years ago that handmade cards were much cheaper and much more personal so again, we exchanged cards. I cried.

What a wonderful day willed with family, friends, and lots and lots of LOVE!!!!

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