Saturday, February 11, 2012

LegoStore and Wine & Appetizer Party!

We spent the weekend in Chicago, all to make good on some special Christmas promises. First to The LegoStore. Each child has been saving their money for months to buy something special. Alaric was so excited. He almost lost it when he saw this Ninjago wall!
In an overstimulating environment, Mara found a place to play and chill.

Amara saved $20 and was able to buy two of the new Lego Friends sets.

Alarci saved $50!!!! He was able to buy two, very nice Ninjago sets and some Lego Guys!

We gave Brian's sister, Anita a wine and appetizer party for Christmas. So, everyone got dressed up tonight and hosted 15 of Anitas friends. The kids did amazing and loved the party scene.

We spent about 5 hours prepping in the afternoon, in addition to the 5 or so hours spent during the week as well.

We had some pretty great helpers!There was rediculious amounts of wine and homemade sangria and 9 of the most beautiful, Spanish inspired appetizers you have ever had! SO much fun. Brian and I had a blast hosting and loved every second of it!

it was also nice because Brian's best friend, Anthony and his wife, Maria came to the party. Mara got to spend some time with her Godfather and we spend much of the night in the kitchen just hanging out and catching up!

What a great night!!!

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