Friday, February 25, 2011

Swimming, Gymnastics, New Bikes, and as Snowman....lots to catch up on

We've had lots going on at the Fulton House and very seldom a spare second to think, much less document it on the blog. Our evenings have been filled with swim lessons, gymnastics, meetings, dinners with friends, and trying to recover in between!

Mara and Al both took swim lessons in February so we got a monthyl membership to the Best Western so we could swim anytime. While Mara did NOT do well with her swimlessons, she has enjoyed going to the pool other times!
Alaric loved being one on one with his favorite babysitter, Emma!
Floating, dunking his head, working on his kicking and arms, etc
He's also doing gymnastics for the second spring. Its a simple class with a ton of kids but its giving him some confidence with what he's capable of doing and he loves meeting new people!

On a warmER day last week we got out both kids' new bikes. Mara took off- Alaric is a bit more tentative with his higher seat and loose training wheels but we are trying
We brought our neighborhood friends to the pool on Presidents Day and had a blast!
We had to drag Mara out of the water she loved it so much!
And just today....the kids made an Illini snowman with the best packing snow of the season in record time- what fun!
March is moments away and we begin our huge preparations for Alaric's Superhero BDay party and all that goes along with it....and a household of other March birthdays!

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The Buehnerkemper Family said...

It's so funny to see pictures of the kids in their bathing suits in the pool - then pictures of them bundled up building a snowman all in the same post! SO MUCH FUN!