Sunday, February 13, 2011

Our Winter Weekend Getaway!

What a wonderful weekend getaway we had at the Grand Bear Lodge and Indoor Water Park at Starved Rock!

We had been saving and looking forward to this weekend for awhile and it was also part of Alaric's Christmas gift to go to a water park!

We were all smiles!

The place we great, the water was warm, and it wasn't crowded at all.
The slides were a big hit with all of us!

Next door is an indoor amusement park. It had numerous, fair like rides that all of us could enjoy! All the rides were included with our weekend package AND we got 100 free tokens for all the video games!
The kids loved all the rides...except this was really too scary but Al wanted to try it. It was one of those that goes around and around in a circle. Alaric was freaking out and I had him look at me the whole time as I talked him through it. He said the up part was fine but the down part was bad. Oops!
This one was a huge hit!
We lvoe Grand Bear Lodge
And the Grand Grizzly!
We spent lots of time relaxing in our room too- having snacks and "picnics" on the bed while Brian and I indulged with a few beers!

Alaric loved all the video games and since we didn't pay a penny for them, Brian and I loved them too!
the Tilt a Whirl was an all time favorite- lots and lots of spinning!
we beat our cabin fever and had a great time together as a family!


The Buehnerkemper Family said...

Sounds & looks like such a great time! What a great time of the year to get "out" in bathing suits & enjoying time as a family!

Rachel said...

What a great weekend! You and Brian looks fabulous too. I think Bry is as skinny as when you first met him. Way to go guys! Love you.