Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Moms Group Mommy/Daughter Event

Tonight was maybe my favorite night of 2011 so far....The Mommy/Daughter Event for The Moms Group. Guess who planned it? Me! Uggg! I've got so much on my plate right now that I'm doing tons of things but not many of them well and it it breaks my heart.

I did however decide to plan this event and the Mommy/son event in the fall because I thought The Moms Group needed this events and I wanted them and I was willing to do the leg work so I could participate in these things and have these group memories with my kids.

I decided on a Girls Night In/Sleepover Theme for our 1.5 hour event at a local church. I pulled everything together and with a little help from some friends who helped with supplies, baking, and making a wonderful video, it was an awesome night!

Here we are in our PJ's before our date began!

We headed to McDonalds first. This was a BIG deal for us and my very favorite part of the night! For financial and waste reasons, our kids NEVER get their own happy meals when we are buying. And therefore, they never get their own toy. They share the meal and they take turns getting the toy. This time Amara got her own meal and her own toy and she was so happy.

We say for a long time and just chatted and giggled about the night our PJ's! It was fun!

There were stations at the event! Loud girly music on the speakers. The girls and their moms could make a beaded bracelet, decorate a foam door hanger, decorate a cookie shaped like a dress, crown, or butterfly, or paint nails.
Mara loved working on her foam door hanger!
Everyone had a great time!
Mommies and daughters worked together for about an hour on the stations
Mara and I show off our awesome beaded bracelets we worked on together!
Our rule is no nailpolish until she's three but for this night, we put on some nail art stickers and a tiny bit of clear polish with green sparkles. All was off by the end of the night but she had fun for awhile!
Then the icecream sundae bar. Everyone brought toppings and we loaded up! We gathered and watched a 10 minute video of all of our daughters and us through the years ( we each submitted 5 pics and my friend Kathy made the most wonderful video that we watched on a huge projector screen). While we cleaned up, the kids had a dance party!
What a great night!


The Buehnerkemper Family said...

Wow! That looked like so much fun! Great Job Katie!

Jenny Murray said...

My Mara could not be cuter! What a great idea-well done friend!