Saturday, October 26, 2013

Trunk or Treat and Trick or Treat at Presby Hall!

It was a year of firsts for us this Halloween season.  This was the first year the kids decided to dress seperately and not coordinate.  Alaric and Amara however wanted us to dress up like them so....

This was also a year we set a budget for Halloween.  After years of spending lots of our family costume, each kid had only $5 to spend and Brian and I had $0.  It worked out well.

It also was the first year I had no part in the planning or execution of the event at McKinley since we are now attending another church.  It was weird.  Had a different feel.  Fun but different.

Here is my SWAT team dude!
 And my little witch!
 Brian was Alaric's bad guy and I was Amara's cat!
 Dinner before the Tricking began!
 Grammy and Mara coordinated too!
 So the activities this year we planned were really fun.  Here was the biggest hit.  A diaper/candy test.  Inside each diaper was a favorite candy bar....melted.  You had to guess which candy bar was which
 See, it looks real!
Off we went to trick!
 Then to the garage for games and candy and music.  Cup stacking is always a hit!
 Richard and Julia had an amazing "trunk"
 Pretty cute, right?
 and at the end of the night, Alaric had to arrest a criminal who had escaped from jail.

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