Saturday, October 5, 2013

Happy Birthday, Papa!

My dad's sister was in town for my dad's birthday and we needed an excuse to host and celebrate ( plus with all the dietary restrictions, sometimes cooking at home is easier)  This time it proved to be the best option- we had a blast. 

Brian and I went with a German theme because my dad is German, he LOVES German food, he loves German beer, and its OCTOBER!!!!!

 Alles Gute Zume Geburtstos, Papa!  Happy Birthday, Papa!
 Liverwurst on Pumpernickle
 One happy man.
 Oh wait...this made him even happier
 Oh wait....then he saw this too!

 That's a happy guy!
 See, it just keeps getting better
 Saved the best for last!  We love you so much, Papa!

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