Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Could there be a cuter Elmo?
 Just a few of the neighborhood crew!
 And here is the rest!
 These three dads took part of the festivities too.
 Two SWAT team dudes.  Can the neighborhood handle it?
 Our favorite Halloween house down the street.  Full size candybars too!
 New thing we did this year and it was amazing!!!!  We went to the nursing home across the street to trick or treat.  We've heard about it but never did it.  They wheel the residents who want to participate into the halls and each one...EACH ONE has a bucket of candy.  Then the kids line up and go down the halls.  Volunteers keep the residents' buckets stocked.  It was Wonderful.

 and an Angry Bird
 Pretty this was a successful night!

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