Monday, April 15, 2013

Rock Climbing

Alaric has a birthday party coming up later this month and its  rock climbing party.  he often becomes very overwhelmed and frustrated by new physical challenges and we wanted to be sure he had a chance to succeed, without frustration or emotion.  So, often times that means we get to try things together as a family before hand!  It was great.  My feet wouldn't allow me to participate but I captured the fun on camera for everyone else.  Alaric did really great!  Its hard work!  This is stuff the college kids were doing right next to our kids.  But he didn't give up!
 His sister flew through....she has no fear so she was able to just climb and climb!
 And simply hang when she needed a break!  Brian climbed too!
 He'll tell you how incredibly difficult it is and intimidating too.
 Overall, if was a really fun experience.  And Bubba was able to get enough experience to feel confident at the party!

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