Friday, April 26, 2013


If you couldn't understand the gibberish title, its us all screaming "ice cream man!!!!" and running to the road. Its what happens every year and this is no different!  We could hear the truck.  We all came out onto our porches.  We listened.  We waited.  We wondered if it was coming out way.  We heard it again.  We ran inside to get money.  The music was gone.  Where was it.  The adults, just as excited as the kids, spoke about directions and which way it could have gone.  We sent the highschooler on foot to check it out.  We sent the kids to the backyard to look down Market Street.

And then, as if the man knew we were waiting for him, we heard him!  He turned on our street!!!!!  So exciting to have icecream from the icecream man!
 Pretty sure Brian's parents thought we were insane but that's OK!  I'd have it no other way...the ice cream man is worth it!  Oh, how we missed you Ice Cream man!

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